Elizabeth Cottrell

The daughter of a Welsh coalminer, Elizabeth Cottrell won a scholarship to Cambridge and has a Ph.D. in History. Her first job was teaching in Staffordshire where she married a local farmer, gaining experience reflected in this book. She then pursued a career in research, writing on industry, finance and education. A regular broadcaster, she became a panellist on Radio 4’s Any Questions. Such expressions of personal opinion had to stop when Elizabeth became a Special Adviser in the Departments of Culture, Employment, Education and Agriculture. In this role she once took a serious risk in a meeting, saying to Mrs Thatcher, “You are wrong, Prime Minister.” She got away with it! A short story prize in the London Writers’ Competition encouraged Elizabeth to write fiction. This is her first novel. A widow, Elizabeth lives in her native Wrexham with her daughter Alexandra.


The Ceremonious House

The Ceremonious House

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In 1966 when Aulis Price leaves her Welsh home and her teaching job to marry Staffordshire farmer Martin Peverell, she looks forward eagerly to her new life at Abbotshall, the beautiful Georgian farmhouse which is the Peverell family home. Aulis takes as her role model Martin's elegant and competent mother, Mollie.

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