Emilienne Houselander

From our small factory on the borders of Wales and England we are also manufacturing a new range of Eco products, many using the latest technical recycled fabrics as well planet friendly dead-stock and vintage fabrics to create unique products for our customers.

I won a special recognition award at the British Female Inventors and Innovators Awards International 2009 (BFIIN) and a European Female Innovators Creativity award (EUWIIN) in 2015, for which I am immensely proud. I recently published my first book HOPE which was a massive bucket list tick for me and DREAM is due to be released soon! Join the following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter …and watch this space! Take Care and Be Kind, Emilienne





This beautifully illustrated book takes us on a journey of Olivia who makes a wonderful new discovery after school one grey day. She shows it to her mother who has been waiting impatiently in bed all day for her to return home from school. Amazed by the discovery, Olivia shares her find at school and then with the media as the phenomenon goes viral.

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