A Matter of Dark

A Matter of Dark

Genre: Crime
ASIN: 1780884877

The government has legalised assisted dying, and one man is staging the ultimate reality TV show - where the audience get to help him on his way. As the clock ticks down, and those for and against the impending broadcast argue their case, we travel back in time to discover what lead Peter to this terrible point in his life.

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About the Book

A list of unsolved murders, suicides and destroyed friendships have been left scattered wherever Peter has set foot. As we discover a family torn apart by his brief presence in their lives so many years ago, we also see the effect he’s had on one impressionable young man who sticks by him the whole time: Neville. Peter’s biggest fan, and wholehearted believer in the book Peter wrote, Neville treats his idol as a messianic figure. The two are their own worst enemies, finding themselves embarking on a murderous journey to the depths of depravity together with a host of other damaged souls. That one of them, OAP getaway driver Gerty, might finally redeem herself after a lifetime of crime, leaves hope for Peter himself… This gripping sequel to I Am Dead and Icon’s Request has been inspired by Joseph Conrad, Franz Kafka and Albert Kamus. Gareth also takes inspiration from TV shows like Doctor Who, The Saint and Danger Man. A Matter of Dark will appeal to fans of sci-fi/fantasy fiction who consider how fast the world is moving, both technologically and morally. We’re all naturally fearful of change – but need we be?

About the Author
Gareth Wiles

A Sci-Fi and Crime writer