Above and Beyond Procrastination

Above and Beyond Procrastination

eBook: £2.32
Series: Warrior Series, Book 1
Genre: Non-Fiction

Acquire the Power to Organise your Life and Crash through all Barriers to your Goals

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About the Book

One of the main reasons for procrastinating is – FEAR: This can be fear of failing or even of succeeding.

This concise book takes you into the heart of fear and uncertainty, and shows you highly effective methods of eradicating these two enemies. By working daily with this system, you will, within weeks rather than months, emerge with a mindset that has no room for negativity and fear. You will be stronger and more focused.

If integrated into your daily life, the system will also guide you towards a more holistic approach to health. Your energy levels will be higher and you will gain a self assurance and certainty which may have been absent in the past.

When you possess direction and a quiet certainty, your tasks become a pleasure and something you look forward to. Happiness and contentment replaces fear, and instead of ‘avoidance’ being your default reaction to your work-load, you will find it replaced by joy and enthusiasm.

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About the Author
Keith Williams

Keith lives in the county of Wrexham. Since retiring his focus has been on writing. He has published several self-help books and now devotes his time to writing action fiction based in Wales.