Bootlegger: The Good, The Bad and the Tasty

Bootlegger: The Good, The Bad and the Tasty

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Karl Phillips is a roofer, just one of the lads. But as Bootlegger, he keeps huge numbers of followers on social media hooked with his humorous musings. Whether duckin' around shooting videos about Wrexham AFC or slightly overdoing it on holiday, The Captain doesn't take himself too seriously!

About the Book

Karl Phillips is just one of the lads – roofer by day, pilsner drinker by night. But as Bootlegger, he’s scored hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube with his hilarious matchday vlogs and keeps a huge number of followers on social media hooked with his humorous musings on life, work, the Flamethrower and his beloved Wrexham AFC. He even has a beer named after him – Wrexham Lager’s iconic Bootlegger 1974 Pilsner, which has made its way onto the shelves of major supermarkets.

From tough beginnings with teenage parents to a string of jobs in local factories, whether smearing butter on his headmaster’s office window or getting a round of golf in during his shift as a street-cleaner, duckin’ around shooting videos in football grounds and pubs across the UK or slightly overdoing it in holiday spots around the world, or in the throes of any of the other hilariously random antics described here, the Captain doesn’t take himself too seriously and is mellowing with age, like a fine pilsner!

Top man… I thought that I’d lived a colourful life until I read about Karl’s adventures. – MICKEY THOMAS, WREXHAM AFC AND WALES

Certified Twitter legend… One of the internet’s most beloved and renowned Pilsner drinkers. – LADBIBLE

Wrexham fan Bootlegger is a social media giant. – THE DAILY STAR

The official mascot for Wales. – HANSH

Twitter legend… a cult hero on social media. – THE DAILY RECORD

Bootlegger is cult figure on social media with a huge fanbase. – THE YORKSHIRE POST

Dyn arbennig ag unigryw. – Y CYMRO

Yfwr o fri. – GOLWG

A social media anti-hero. – NATION.CYMRU

One of Wrexham Football Club’s most famous fans. – ROBBIE SAVAGE

A crackin’ book to read on the bog. – LANDLORD OF THE CAPTAIN’S LOCAL

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About the Author
Karl Phillips

Karl Phillips is a roofer and social media icon based in Wrexham. Peter Read is an experienced writer who has co-written books by footballing icons Garry Monk, Roberto Martinez, Dixie McNeil and others. Iestyn Bryn Jones is a music promoter and a columnist in various publications.