Broken Bonds

Broken Bonds

£8.99eBook: £3.99
Series: Bonds, Book 2
Genres: Fantasy, Horror
ASIN: 0957535961

An evil warlock. A vampire intent on living.
Can she find the key to freedom before it is too late?

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About the Book

After promising to help Antony Cardover escape his vampire curse, witch Becca Martin is blind to the danger she has unearthed; a danger that threatens her life.

Ebenezer Lightwoller, the warlock who cursed Antony, will not give up his secrets without a fight.

As her life hangs in the balance once more, can Becca find the key to Antony’s freedom?
Or will the promise she made cost Becca her life?

If you like A Discovery of Witches and The Vampire Chronicles, you will LOVE Marie Anne Cope’s BONDS series.

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About the Author
Marie Anne Cope

Marie grew up in Manchester, moving to North Wales in 2005, where she lives with her three cats, Jasmine, Texas, and Stoker. She has always had an interest in the darker side of fiction—particularly in crime and the supernatural—but it wasn’t until her mid-twenties that she began taking a serious interest in writing. Marie published the first novel in her BONDS series in 2013 and has since followed it with the second and third novels in the quartet, BROKEN BONDS and BONDS RE-BOUND. The journey ended with ETERNAL BONDS in November 2021.

The dark supernatural BONDS series is set against both contemporary and historical backdrops, following the story of the complicated and unusual relationship between Becca Martin, a reluctant witch forced to face up to who she is and accept her gift of the Craft, and Antony Cardover, a man who traded his soul for the chance of vengeance and paid the ultimate price - eternity bearing a vampire curse.