Chasing Rainbows: with Just Us Two

Chasing Rainbows: with Just Us Two

Series: Just Us Two Travel, Book 2
ASIN: 1908302003

Chasing Rainbows, the second in the Just Us Two Travel series is the sequel to International Book Awards’ Winner Just Us Two: Ned and Rosie's Gold Wing Discovery published in 2009. It is the real ending to Rosie's Gold Wing story.

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About the Book

No longer able to ride their beloved motorbike, Rosie still has dreams to follow. But this time they are are not quite ‘Just Us Two’. This time they are accompanied by a hidden controller. You know boys and their toys?.
Lots of tongue-in-cheek humour from Rosie as she grabs every opportunity to stick pins into maps and say ‘Let’s go . . .’
A peep into Rosie’s life as, with tongue-in-cheek humour, she pokes fun at herself while she conducts a love-hate relationship with a hidden controller and pleads for maps.. You know boys and their toys?
Follow the detailed routes and photographs that guide you as ‘just us two’
• jaunt across to beautiful County Mayo in Ireland where Rosie leaves her heart;
• are left speechless in the wondrous beauty of the Andorran mountains where they join other Gold Wing motorbiking friends and finally say goodbye to their motorbiking days;
• discover the majestic French Alps and Spanish Pyrénées;
• go in search of Mont Blanc and more …
• retrace their steps through the Têt Valley and Central Massif, and north to Versailles in France as Rosie chases her rainbows.
Then a strike almost stranded them in Paris . . .

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About the Author
Rosalie Marsh

Rosalie writes on a variety of topics from biographical travel adventures to personal development.