Dear Abigail

Dear Abigail

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Genre: Self Help
Tag: Moved from Wrexham
ISBN: 9781508476740

Richard and Rachel fell in love as teenagers and married at twenty-one. Both had survived childhoods marred by adversity and early deaths. Richard trained as an accountant, and they had two beautiful children and a lovely home. Then, the ovarian cancer that ran in Rachel’s family struck, and she was gone without seeing her children marry or holding her grandchildren.

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About the Book

Given the family history, their daughter Carys was advised to have frequent screenings and to marry and have children early, followed by a hysterectomy. Following her marriage and during her pregnancy, she too was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She gave birth to Abigail, but didn’t live to see her baby’s second birthday.As to little Abigail, it’s a story that’s all too common: grandparents are usually separated from grandchildren by divorce, but sometimes it’s by death and remarriage. And so Richard, husband, father and grandfather, wrote this book so his granddaughter would understand the laughter and joy and closeness of the good times – and he wanted her to know about her real mother and how much she was loved and wanted.

About the Author
Richard Rees

Richard was born in a village near Wrexham in North Wales, where he spoke only Welsh until he went to school at the age of five. An English Grammar school of the old establishment kind followed, fostering pupil advancement with a no-nonsense but constructive approach that proved formative. But his plans to further his education and develop his creativity, reading English at University, were thwarted by his father who advocated that his son should join him in the family accountancy practice. Torn by dilemma, Richard rebelled by joining the Royal Welch Fusiliers where he saw active service, witnessing at first-hand some of the horrors of warfare in the jungles of the Far East, including the death of his best friend who was shot and killed just yards away from him.