Embracing your inner wabi sabi

Embracing your inner wabi sabi

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A guide to life, imperfection and crafting projects.

Learn about the Japanese art of Wabi Sabi and how this can be applied to both our making and our lives.

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About the Book

The book contains theory, practical advice, thinking moments, pen tasks, craft projects and lots of inspiration. From the cover: The power of Wabi Sabi As a self-confessed control freak I have spent a large amount of my life trying to tame the untameable. From high school children to charcoal, I have attempted it all. Then about ten years ago during my research for my Masters on how to get people more engaged with Art and Craft I realised it was the fear of getting things wrong and this sterile distance we place between ourselves and the artistic object. Couple this with the level of stress we place on ourselves daily attempting to do far too much with our lives and you have a recipe for disaster. This is when I discovered Wabi Sabi and when the world started to change. Actually, the world didn’t change at all; it was still the same world it had always been, I just learnt to look at it differently. I stopped trying to control every minute of my day and, guess what, the earth kept on turning and I started to smile more.

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