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Find Me

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Series: Trust Me Find Me, Book 2
Genre: Romance

An Irresistibly Gripping Romantic Thriller

Trust Me Find Me Romantic Suspense Series Book 2

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About the Book

What should she have done?
They’d been friends, even kissed once.
The police said he was a murderer. But, they let him go.
Knowing all that, how could she go with him into witness protection?

A few months on, and Claire Williams is still bearing the scars; still chasing the ghost of Sion Edwards, even though he’s dead to her now. Determined to start afresh, and to find the father she’s never known; she takes a big world trip. It’s meant to be the adventure of a lifetime. It will be. But not the way she imagined it.

Is there anywhere safe to hide? Sion Edwards was an undercover agent, a hitman for one of England’s most notorious drugs gangs. And now there’s a price on his head. They’re after his blood and they won’t rest until he’s reeled back in and they have their revenge.

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Nell Grey

Bestselling Amazon Author of Romances and Romantic Thrillers