From Disabled to Enabled:

From Disabled to Enabled:

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Our story of transformation and restoration of body, mind & soul

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About the Book

Are you one of the millions that have been given the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia?

Mike and Charmaine know how you feel. They too have been where you are now. Feeling confused, scared and lost in an online echo chamber of doom and endless questions and very few useful answers, coupled with the wide spread, never ending pain that caused so much restriction and turmoil in their life.

They were offered the opportunity to take part in a pilot clinical trial with Liverpool University & The Walton Centre, to be the first to formally trial The Life Freedom Method®

12 weeks after they started the trial, having embarked on to The Life Freedom Method® with Jules, Claire and Jessica who have created this ground breaking process, their lives are unrecognisable. They no longer meet the criteria of being “disabled’. They no longer live restricted by pain. They have turned their pain in to purpose and they are committed to help and provide hope to others in the same position that they were.

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About the Author
Mike Denton

So we did a thing. I was diagnosed with a Widespread chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia same as what Lady Gaga has. Myself and a colleague have written a book detailing our journey that launched today on Amazon.