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Series: Lomax Gold Mine, Book 3
Genre: Fiction
ASIN: 1727118693

When Edryd (Ed) Evans agrees to join a team exploring Canada's Labrador Coast for base metals, he is stranded on a remote island after a massive storm cuts their lines of communication.

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About the Book

The harsh Arctic conditions that threaten to overwhelm them become Ed’s best friend when he is subject to an assassination plot.During his struggle to survive, Ed discovers uncomfortable truths about his own family’s past; truths that set him on a path to confront the dark powers that he encountered when he first visited Lomax Gold Mine in Africa.But how can one man hope to defeat an enemy who commands such vast financial resources?Everybody has a weakness, it’s just a matter of finding where.

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About the Author
Mendus Harris

Mendus Harris writes conspiracy thrillers. His books are based in a fictional gold mine named Lomax and draw on his extensive experience as an exploration geologist.Very few people appreciate how a large gold mine in Africa functions and those that do may not be keen for the truth to be told.

His writing conjures images which are redolent with the sights and sounds of West African gold mines, the characters who inhabit them and the political conflicts which can threaten to rip them apart. Here is an author who has been there and seen that and has a view on what he has experienced.