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Genre: Sci-Fi
ASIN: 1787104044
ISBN: 9781787104044

Leon, a young prince and lieutenant in the Eltherian family s army, on the planet Duranni. Having been away for five years, Leon returns to his home to find that life, as he knows it, has been turned upside down.

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About the Book

Leon discovers things about the people closest to him that will change his life forever and completely alter his perception of people that he believes in and trusts… and thought he knew well. Meanwhile, tensions are brewing elsewhere and King Hannibal Tytharikan is restless and preparing for war with the people of the Eltherian family and their neighbouring planets… It won t be long before the Eltherian people will have to face King Hannibal and his warriors in a bloody battle where only one side can emerge victorious… Imperia is an action-packed novel which will have the reader on the edge of their seat.

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About the Author
Jakkie Sinner

Jakkie Sinner is the pen name for Edward Manford. Edward was born and lives in Wrexham, North Wales. As the lyricist for his band, he began writing stories and his first novel 'Imperia' is now available.