In | Between

In | Between

Genre: Poetry
ASIN: 1913432726

In|Between examines the wide variety of our ‘inner landscapes’ and, following on from that, our complex relationships.

About the Book

In her debut collection InBetween Angela Arnold examines our internal states, the landscapes of minds both ‘normal’ and unusual – while in the second part of the book she looks at how these disparate minds relate to each other, (mis)understand each other, are close or distant, loving or abusive, from the private sphere to the wider social context.

About the Author
Angela Arnold

Angela has lived in seven different European countries, including all parts of the UK, and has made a living as a garden designer and artist, amongst many other things. She loves languages, speaks a few and is currently learning Welsh. She is a campaigner, a Quaker, a lover of nature and big skies and is now settled in North Wales.