Inner Path to Happiness How to be Happy

Inner Path to Happiness How to be Happy

Series: Warrior Series, Book 2
Genre: Non-Fiction

A Guide to Overcoming Depression and Embracing Inner Happiness

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About the Book

The pursuit of happiness is not only universal, it is also the most exploited of endeavours. Every marketing executive on the planet would seek to salve our unhappiness with one expensive solution or another. The answer can be much simpler and more direct.

In this short but concise book, the author describes part of his own journey, from a place of depression and constant anxiety, to his arrival at a destination of self ease and inner contentment. A path which he found to be the shortest and the most direct route

Like many, he had trodden the more conventional routes and found nothing there that really solved the problem or eased the pain. The solutions presented here are always fresh; some being very different from the many offered on the broad subject of happiness.

There are other benefits derived from reading and applying the methods suggested in this book. One being an increase in the ability to concentrate and focus, another being an appreciable increase in personal efficiency and effectiveness.

Keith Williams is a highly successful psychotherapist working in the UK. All of the techniques and systems described are being used with great and speedy success at his clinics, where he continues to work with individuals from industry as well as the world of entertainment.

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About the Author
Keith Williams

Keith lives in the county of Wrexham. Since retiring his focus has been on writing. He has published several self-help books and now devotes his time to writing action fiction based in Wales.