Jarrod and the Dark Cardinal

Jarrod and the Dark Cardinal

£8.99eBook: £2.99
Series: Jarrod, Book 2
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Horror
Publication Year: 2023
Format: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover and Large Print
Length: 265
ISBN: 9798865824756

Jarrod, worried that earth is becoming a cosmic battleground between the forces of good and evil, must convince the Council to allow him to remain on Earth.

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About the Book

On Jarrod’s home planet, members of the Wizard’s Council scheme to rein in Jarrod’s abilities, going as far as making the use of the Wayfarer’s Step illegal, punishable by death.

Meanwhile, a series of ritualistic murders brings Jarrod’s name to the forefront of the constabulary’s investigation. Blaming a satanic cult for the murders, Jarrod must once again endeavour to clear his name, whilst fighting tooth and claw with demonic forces to prevent the rise of an ancient evil.

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About the Author
P N Burrows

P N Burrows, was a former IT guru and business advisor, Phil writes to maintain his sanity, as the stories in his head insist on being told!