Litty Trotter: The Medal of Scalon

Litty Trotter: The Medal of Scalon

£8.95eBook: £2.99
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 9781466920217

Set within the depths of fantasy realms!!. A lone Female Spirit quarter Ghost, Vampire, Werewolf and Angel has been granted to act as Detective in this thrilling story with the help from all living and dead creatures.

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About the Book

The existence of heaven and hell hinges on the coming together of the two worlds. If they succeed… Balance will be placed back upon The Medal Of Scalon. This Ancient Medal now lost, was scattered amidst Angels and demons over one thousand centuries to safe guard an ancient poem that was inscribed on each piece. In this story Six clans four Demonic and two Angelic band together as they gather each piece, nothing will stand in there way from Destroying everything and everybody leaving them with the ultimate power!!! As they seek each piece both Heaven and Hell know that the poem has the one power if used unwillingly, will cause havoc, and destroy every dead and living thing that lives above or below. Battles take place as both sides join together twenty thousand pit there wits. Against the evil army of the bloodthirsty Fangtailers eight hundred thousand of them more evil than anything known takes place in four fierce battles. Time is of importance!!   Goblins, Elves, Demons, Werewolves ,Angels, Vampires, Spirits, all living Creatures, and Humans all join together to try and make the impossible, possible!!. Is it possible will it be achieved only you will tell!! Filled with Romance, Humour, Poetry, Horror, Magic, Thriller, Intrigue, and Fantasy this will certainly get the avid reader intrigued from start to end!!! A Timeless Masterpiece..

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About the Author
Mark Peter Evans

After starting an early writing career at the age of thirteen, Mark is a writer of Non Fiction, Fantasy and Childrens' books.