Love & Haight

Love & Haight

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Series: Peaceful Series, Book 1
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781492336884

A fictional account of what it may have been like to live amongst the Love Generation of the 1960’s.

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About the Book

Solomon is Irish, Catholic and loves his country. Petula is a free-spirited artist caught in the hippie dream which enveloped mid-sixties San Francisco. When Solomon crosses the water to take up a scholarship at San Francisco State, his resident landlord is a Buddhist believer and advocate of an alternative way of living.

Join Solomon on his journey of discovery though the Love Pageant of 1966, the criminalisation of LSD, the Vietnam War and the Human Be-in. Will Solomon’s traditional views of business and financial security triumph? Or will his feelings for Petula take him in another direction? Will she turn him on, or will he turn her off?

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About the Author
Tracey Madeley

Tracey has a Masters in the 18th Century Novel. She completed her first book, 'Peaceful Meadows' in 2008 which she published in 2012.