Lucky Bastard

Lucky Bastard

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Genre: Memoir
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781913662059

An adopted child, Tim became an accountant, business advisor, globe trotter, buddhist and so much more. This book was published shortly before he passed away in 2021

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About the Book

Adopted in 1949 by the enlightened and loving Rev Oliver and Enid Hill, Timothy Oliver had a perfect childhood in the idyllic mid-Wales countryside. Despite the challenges of boarding school and the thrills of university, he remained a sensitive country boy at heart. Tim became a chartered accountant with his sights on the world. His travels and work took him across the globe, experiencing local cultures and making lifelong friends whether in New York, California or Jamaica, and he never lost sight of his roots.

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About the Author
Timothy Oliver Hill (†)

Timothy Oliver was the pen name for higly regarded business consultant Tim Hill (Timothy Oliver Hill). Having had an eclectic life, Tim settled in Wrexham and wrote his memoir, passing away in 2021.