MAROC: A Snowdonia Thriller

MAROC: A Snowdonia Thriller

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Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Peter Maroc is ex SAS. Three years ago, his wife banished him from their home. Her father, Max Southwell, a retired college professor, still resents him for the neglect of his daughter.

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About the Book

He returns from Germany to his home village in Snowdonia to find his father-in-law has been left to die by his grasping sons. Meanwhile, his estranged medic wife is trapped in an African hospital and is powerless to help. Maroc makes it his mission to return Max Southwell to health and regain his wife’s affections.

When a kidnapping goes wrong, Maroc is left suffering almost total amnesia. His wife’s return from Africa forces him to fight for his family’s survival against a ruthless enemy.

The action switches between the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia, the underbelly of Manchester’s crime scene, and Albania’s bandit country.

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About the Author
Keith Williams

Keith lives in the county of Wrexham. Since retiring his focus has been on writing. He has published several self-help books and now devotes his time to writing action fiction based in Wales.