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Genres: Historical Fiction, Thriller
Tag: Moved from Wrexham

A brilliantly researched and exquisitely told tale of love, death, and heartbreak which explores some of the most important and devastating events of twentieth-century Europe.

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About the Book

Miriam Rabin was born in Wrexham, North Wales, at the turn of the twentieth century, a village schoolteacher and later wife of a hill farmer. Ten years after her husband’s death, she is a major in the NKVD secret police in Stalinist Russia, a veteran of the Spanish Civil War, and an elite in her field. Her political fervour, passions, heartbreak, and determination lead her along this path through the most troubled times of the twentieth century, times which find her robbed of her country, her loved ones, and very far from home. A highly-researched and exquisitely-told novel which explores the most treacherous and politically charged moments in Depression-era Britain, civil-war Spain, and Stalinist Russia.

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About the Author
Vic Evans

Born in Wrexham in 1936, Vic Evans frequently visited his aunt's hill farm throughout his childhood. These fond memories of North Wales and the rich history there ripple throughout his published work. His debut novel, Miriam , begins in Wales and spreads through civil-war Spain, taking the protagonist as far as Russia showing the world from a unique Welsh perspective.