Murder in the Welsh Hills

Murder in the Welsh Hills

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Genres: Crime, Thriller
Tag: Moved from Wrexham

A gripping spy thriller of danger and deceit

About the Book

In the majestic mountains of North Wales, retired MI5 agent Huw Cecil is reluctantly drawn back into a world of espionage and murder. While visiting his childhood home of Llangollen, Cecil becomes embroiled in a dangerous mission to obtain top-secret information that could lead to the total collapse of the NATO Alliance. But when his Russian contact is brutally killed, Huw knows that he is the next target. In a deadly game of cat and mouse, with no one left to trust, Cecil enlists the help of Lottie Williams-Parry, a local woman who is struggling to overcome her own dark secrets, and together they take on dark forces and evil assassins in a bid to outwit their enemies and expose the shocking truth…

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About the Author
Vic Evans

Born in Wrexham in 1936, Vic Evans frequently visited his aunt's hill farm throughout his childhood. These fond memories of North Wales and the rich history there ripple throughout his published work. His debut novel, Miriam , begins in Wales and spreads through civil-war Spain, taking the protagonist as far as Russia showing the world from a unique Welsh perspective.