My Daughter Believes

My Daughter Believes

Genre: Childrens
ASIN: 1916280900

Eskimo nose rubs and butterfly kisses, conkers that protect you from spiders and crusts that make your hair go curly.

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About the Book

A heartwarming collection of childhood moments to be remembered, treasured and shared. My Daughter Believes is written by the author Nevmah Morris and illustrated by Aleyna Moeller of Daydream Designs.A truly wonderful book that captures moments in time of special memories to be forever preserved and remembered. Not only is it a book to fill your child with wonderful thoughts and ideas and a great bedtime read, it’s a children’s book that will help you make memories with them as it takes you on a journey where you will want to complete these moments with your own children and in doing so capture your own collection of treasured memories. Family moments that will last a lifetime through and be passed down from one generation to the next.

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About the Author
Nevmah Morris

My name is Nevmah Morris, former teacher and now children’s book author. I write stories to capture timeless moments: moments that have happened, moments that can then be recorded down in a book, then the moment of togetherness when sharing the book. If you can capture the moment you'll preserve the wonder.

I am raising 5 beautiful daughters. They are my purpose, my reason for all that I do. To be a role model to them to show them that not only can you be a wife, mother, go to work, but that it’s important to maintain your own identity and not be too busy to lose my own interests and hobbies whilst taking care of many other people. Writing stories is time for ‘me’.

I’ve thought about writing stories for many years. After being diagnosed with cancer & surviving, I realised that tomorrow is not promised to anyone, we are only given today. So why wait? I began writing my first book “My Daughter Believes” & have a mind full of stories ready to tell the world.