My Daughters Are Trying To Kill Me…

My Daughters Are Trying To Kill Me…

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If you want a dry and theoretical analysis of autism, you’re in the wrong place. But if you want to read the funny, poignant and true account of an everyday family with autism at its heart, then ‘My Daughters Are Trying To Kill Me...’ ticks every box.

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About the Book

In 2011, Barnaby began writing a blog about the hilarious and heartbreaking adventures of his family. In 2021, after ten years of nagging from blog devotees, he finally turned the blog into a book, adding dozens more stories and insights about his family from the subsequent ten years. Entertaining and educating for everyone, ‘My Daughters Are Trying To Kill Me…’ is a book that tells a real family’s story of living with autism.

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About the Author
Barnaby Dickenson

Having spent twenty years as a high school English teacher, Barnaby wrote 'My Daughters Are Trying To Kill Me...'

Barnaby is a father of three children, two of whom have autism.