Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

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Genre: Mystery

When a man suffering from amnesia heads to a small town police station to report a theft, he is quickly recognised and treated with suspicion. His troubles only intensify when an elderly lady is murdered and he is found sleeping in her garden shed. His name is Peter Smith, but he can’t remember.

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About the Book

As his past comes back to haunt him, it is soon clear that he has been embroiled in local murder investigations before. Inspector Noose is an old friend, but with what’s happened in the past, is their friendship beyond repair? An old flame and a rival inspector turn up to cause further chaos for Noose, and he must go rogue to help clear Peter’s name.

Myrtleville may seem like a quiet village surrounded by beautiful countryside, but it is also a melting pot for sinister murder and intrigue. Come and join Smith and Noose as they set out on both rediscovering an old friendship, and putting right what is wrong with this place.

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About the Author
Gareth Wiles

A Sci-Fi and Crime writer