Peaceful Meadows

Peaceful Meadows

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Series: Peaceful Series, Book 2
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781477645536

Jarred and Peter are two brothers. Peter is pursuing the more conventional route of University, hard work and a good job. Unfortunately he will come to realize that hard work will not guarantee him his chosen career. The family have the same plans and expectations for Jarred.

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About the Book

When Jarred goes away to Poly he meets Fleur, who introduces him to Peaceful Meadows, a hippie commune which advocates the virtues of peace, love and non-materialistic lifestyle. Set against the background of the materialistic eighties, it brings an alternative lifestyle of the commune into direct conflict with the prevailing ideology. This conflict is brought into sharp focus with the arrival of Mack, whose activities bring scandal, media attention and conflict to Jarred and his family. This results in the revelation of a family secret which can no longer be hidden…

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About the Author
Tracey Madeley

Tracey has a Masters in the 18th Century Novel. She completed her first book, 'Peaceful Meadows' in 2008 which she published in 2012.