Poems by an old codger – book one

Poems by an old codger – book one

Series: Poems by an old codger, Book 1
Genre: Poetry
ASIN: B0C2S27964

Neil's poems on the 20th century social history.

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About the Book

This series of five books of rhyming poems takes the reader through his war-time schooling, enduring blackouts as enemy aircraft flew overhead, years of rationing, the swinging 60’s, the Cold War era and, finally, COVID-19 lockdown. There are poems on his village life, family mining tragedies, his military career as an Education Officer in the Royal Air Force, tales ‘From the Organ Stool’ and many others.


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About the Author
Neil Davies

Born in the late 1930’s, Neil grew up in a Welsh mining community. He writes of family mining tragedies, military service, life in the 50’s and 60’s, and the Cold War.