Poems by an old codger

Poems by an old codger

Genre: Poetry

A book of over 60 rhyming poems provides a unique contribution to the Social History of the last century.

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About the Book

The poems in the first half of the book offer a personal insight into the author’s early life, influenced by tragedy and war. Growing up in a Welsh mining village during wartime, with regular German bombers flying overhead for Liverpool and father away in Burma, rationing, village school life and simple pleasures enjoyed despite austerity.
The author moves on to his early years of military service at the time of the Cold War.

The reflections on his life are balanced, in the second half of the book, by personal observations and concerns on modern life, concluding with poems on life during COVID-19 and Lockdown. Many poems conclude with a few lines of good advice.

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About the Author
Neil Davies

Born in the late 1930’s, Neil grew up in a Welsh mining community. He writes of family mining tragedies, military service, life in the 50’s and 60’s, and the Cold War.