Poetry by Eve

Poetry by Eve

Genre: Poetry
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9798865137139

Eve's poems are rooted in nature and capture perfectly the moods of the seasons in the British Isles through her beautiful use of language and shrewd observations of the weather, wildlife, and the flora and fauna of both coast and countryside.

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About the Book

Each and every poem conjures a feeling and an atmosphere that is almost tangible to the reader. There is a great sense of reflection throughout the poems, with themes of love, wistfulness and links to spirituality through the church. This is not surprising as all but one of the poems were written in the latter part of her life after the passing of her husband when she found time to cast thought back on her life.

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About the Author
Frankie Jones

Frankie published some poems that were written by her mother, Eve.

About Evelyn Wolfenden (†):
Eve wrote poetry as a child and then had a lengthy break when she became wife to husband William and a mother to her children. After William Woolfenden died, she found the time and the inspiration to start writing again, and typed up her work for her children to keep as a memory of her life and the life of her father. The connection with her father's rural origins gave her a love of nature and the outdoors. She wrote two poems for her father, 'My dearly beloved father' and 'Young Georgie', the second of which is a brilliantly written narrative about his antics as a young boy. Yet it is the poem, True Freedom which gives the most insight into Eve herself, as she indicated how her own creativity gave her an escape from the constraints of getting old. The lines, "His thought lives on, he leaves behind, The fruits of his creative Mind, For later men to mark and learn, And pass to others, in their turn". And through this book, she has done just that - left her vibrant, artistic mind recorded on paper for others to learn from and enjoy.