Restless Yew Tree Cottage

Restless Yew Tree Cottage

Genre: Crime
ASIN: 1728645646

Amanda was unaware that she had inherited her grandmother’s extra sensory powers. Yet throughout her childhood and early teens she always sensed a weirdness about herself. It was a strangeness that she couldn’t define.

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About the Book

Amanda was very artistic and when she became a gifted art student, she put her strange feelings down to her imaginative talent. Meanwhile her mother was exploring the internet to try to find her own birth parents. Soon after her mother makes contact with her long lost brother, Amanda’s latent powers come to the surface. Whilst Amanda comes to terms with the unexplained phenomena that surrounds her, other events revive the wrath of a ghost. Despite having to deal with other long term problems in her personal life, she finds herself inextricably drawn into the ghost’s past.

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About the Author
Pamela Cartlidge

Pamela was born and raised in Wrexham, moving to Cardiff in 2010. Pamela is a multi genre author who has written seven novels.