Somebody Wants to Kill Me

Somebody Wants to Kill Me

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Genres: Fiction, Thriller
Tag: Moved from Wrexham
ISBN: 9781091219427

After her domineering father dies, leaving her a fortune, Karen Ryan decides to change her life. Having lived all her life in his shadow in a huge, isolated house in northern Wisconsin, she plans a long Italian vacation. But before flying out of Chicago, she meets handsome Paul Archer, marries him and her vacation becomes an unexpected honeymoon

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About the Book

Shortly after they return to Karen’s home, someone tries to kill her twice – unsuccessfully – and it appears the killer is dead. Then he starts phoning, telling her he is still going to kill her. But why? And who is he?

Returning to Italy seems the best plan, but Paul and his friend Morgan persuade Karen the only way to stop him is to lure him into the open – by using her as bait. Enlisting the help of her cousin Susan, her ex-lover Michael Rossi, an ex-marine, and Sam King, a Chicago cop on vacation in the area, Karen and Paul get ready for a siege.

Tensions rise and Karen’s paranoia increases as she realizes each of her protectors may have a reason for wanting her dead – and whichever path she chooses could be deadly.

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About the Author
Richard Rees

Richard was born in a village near Wrexham in North Wales, where he spoke only Welsh until he went to school at the age of five. An English Grammar school of the old establishment kind followed, fostering pupil advancement with a no-nonsense but constructive approach that proved formative. But his plans to further his education and develop his creativity, reading English at University, were thwarted by his father who advocated that his son should join him in the family accountancy practice. Torn by dilemma, Richard rebelled by joining the Royal Welch Fusiliers where he saw active service, witnessing at first-hand some of the horrors of warfare in the jungles of the Far East, including the death of his best friend who was shot and killed just yards away from him.