Sportonova: Water Games

Sportonova: Water Games

Series: Sportonova, Book 3
Genre: Childrens
ASIN: 199962503X

The ultimate sports tournament is back with brand new games being played in the forest, the cobalt blue mountain lake and for the first time, in the coastal resort of Seasport.

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About the Book

A scary-looking rebellious team join the usual suspects as they participate in the Sportonova Water Games competition hoping to get their hands on the coveted trophy.Will the favourites be able to survive the first round of the knockout tournament?Is anyone able to last longer than a teabag in the cup competition?Can teams with creativity, power or intelligence find the winning formula?Or do one of the unfancied teams have a chance?

About the Author
Richard Carpenter

Richard Carpenter grew up in Torquay then met his wife, Sarah, at university in Nottingham. They now live with two sons, Thomas and Joshua, in North Shropshire bordering North Wales.

Richard is an avid sports fan who enjoys watching a variety of sports supporting Aston Villa, Torquay United and the Nottingham Panthers ice hockey team.

During his formative years, Richard was a keen chess player and he even played a game for an England junior team. This chess knowledge was utilised when replicating famous openings, such as The Orangutan, in a brand new invented game called Twigged! which features in this story.