Stamford Past

Stamford Past


A town with a well-recorded history stretching back well over a thousand years, and one of the five ‘Danish Boroughs’.

About the Book

It was an important medieval town boasting 14 parish churches and numerous religious houses, after which there was decline till the late 17th century with the re-opening of the Welland Navigation and the growth of the coaching trade. The 18th century saw a ‘boom’, when its many fine Georgian houses were built. When the railway came it by-passed the town, which stunted its industrial growth but helped to preserve the ancient town, which now prospers, as the author describes in this very readable book.

About the Author
Christopher Davies

Christopher has been involved in local history research for over forty years, and has studied history at both Leicester and Cambridge universities. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Professionally, he was involved in adult education and training before retirement. He has written a number of local history books and guides. His particular interests lie in seventeenth-century history, but he also has a strong interest in industrial history particularly as it relates to railways and canals. He currently lives in the village of Trevor in North Wales.