Taming the Tide: An Anthology of Bipolar Disorder

Taming the Tide: An Anthology of Bipolar Disorder

Genre: Non-Fiction

Bipolar (or manic depression as it used to be known) is characterised by extreme high moods followed by severe depressive episodes.

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About the Book

My name is Sarah and I have been living with bipolar for thirty years and have been in and out of psychiatric hospital. This book is the third in a series of mental health anthologies. It is hoped that the reader will really come to understand the highs and lows and the often erratic behaviours associated with each mood.

Mania comes with shopping and adventures and angels. Depression comes with pain and self-injury, demons, and deep deep sadness. This book also aims to touch those with bipolar so that they will know they are not alone. Carers and relatives too will gain a deeper understanding. Bipolar can be a lonely place. The book also offers hope. Hope that one day you will be stable enough to ride the waves and tame the tide.

About the Author
Dr Sarah Mackay

My name is Sarah and I have bipolar with psychosis. Once upon a time I was a nurse, after earning a first-class nursing degree and graduating top of my class. I went on to receive a scholarship to study autism at doctoral level. I’ve been in and out of hospital my whole adult life, plagued by The Family. The Family is a group of people that live in an alternate universe. In a place full of demons. I hear them talking to me and talking between themselves.