The Garden

The Garden

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Genre: Poetry
ASIN: 1804390356

Bustling through daily lives, human beings are ignoring the calling of birds, buzzing of the bees and the colours of changing seasons, thereby losing connection with nature; a powerful force that heals.

About the Book

Onana, the hard-working spider, makes songs to keep her spirits high, whereas the birds, Fiske and Hilde, deal with hazards, environmental catastrophes, and losses that seldom goes noticed. And after the sundown, as the rosy light fades from the sky, Khnni, the owl, comes out to catch his prey. It is animals like them that the story talks about, and it’s their lives, vastly different from us, that needs to be understood. Overlooking the importance of nature, as we go about our busy lives, makes it easier for it to disappear right in front of our eyes. So, before it’s too late, The Garden by John Maxwell reminds us of the creatures that some way or the other are a part of us; inhabitants of the Garden we all belong to.

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About the Author
John Maxwell

I started writing little stories after my father passed. He was an avid gardener, and he and my mother always put food out for the birds and carefully tended a garden of flowers. The stories helped me remember him, and as I wrote them, I was transported to my childhood, ignoring most of what he taught me as I trampled the flower beds playing football. The morning songs of birds and the beauty of nature are often taken for granted, much like the time we have left with our loved ones; so always take a few moments, just for yourself.