The Guardians’ Trust: Ana

The Guardians’ Trust: Ana

eBook: £2.88
Series: The Guardians' Trust, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Some women are born identical as Doubles—one in the human world, one in the jungle of the Other Realm. Their fate is to change places, to embrace their future with the men born for them.

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About the Book

Sr. Ana Jones learns her destiny is to leave the human world and cross into an Amazonian realm, a fate that is akin to stepping back in time. There, she will join the Resistance, those who are fighting for survival. As a Double, she must pass through the gateway and marry a stranger.

He’s a warrior, and leading the Resistance is Brenin’s life, but Ana is his future. Brenin embraces his pending marriage and the shapeshifting gift their mating may bring, but will her love be enough to help both man and panther survive the war?

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About the Author
Beth Linton

Beth started writing at the tender age of eight, that novel is still in existence, albeit in the family archive, aka the attic. She has since gone on to write a plethora of fantasy paranormal romance novels.