The Rural Escape

The Rural Escape

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Series: Freshwater Bay, Book 4
Genre: Romance
ASIN: 1704274672

An Irresistibly Gripping and Heartwarming Romantic Thriller

Freshwater Bay Novel Series Book 4

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About the Book

Jo Mack’s life is in danger.
She suspected it was when she began to get under their skin. Uncovering their sordid operations. The drugs. The laundering. The trafficking. The slaves. They sent her a warning. Keep out of it. Or pay.
She needs help. And fast. A place to hide.
How hard can it be? Living on a farm. Looking after a small boy. Spending the summer in Wales by the sea, with the man who hated her from the first moment his eyes slammed into hers.

He’s grieving and he’s closed off. He’s taken himself out of the game. A single father, single-handedly running the farm. Raising his boy.
A brash London journalist who barges her way into his life, uninvited? She’s rude and she’s ballsy. She challenges him. Fascinates him. Breathes life into him again. Brings trouble to his door.

It was meant to be a rural escape.
She’s the last thing he wanted. But all he’ll ever need.

The Rural Escape is a standalone story, the thrilling fourth book in the Freshwater Bay Novel Series. If you like a a sexy, emotional and funny contemporary romance series, then you’ll love getting to know the Morgans.

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About the Author
Nell Grey

Bestselling Amazon Author of Romances and Romantic Thrillers