The Strictly Business Proposal

The Strictly Business Proposal

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Series: Freshwater Bay, Book 1
Genre: Romance
ASIN: 1704011566

A heart-warming story of love, hope and dreams

Freshwater Bay Novel Series Book 1

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About the Book

How far would you go to realise your dream?

Would you marry a stranger?

Would you?

Beth Barnes is so going to do this. And get that restaurant by the sea she’s always dreamed of.

Absolutely. No sweat. Because:

A: It’s only a business deal. Gareth understands that. He came up with the idea.

B: Past love has scarred them both. One thing they agree on, ‘happily ever after’ is massively over-hyped.

And let’s not forget C: It was hate at first sight.
He made accusations she’s not about to forget or forgive…

On paper, it’s a perfect match. A strictly business proposal.

Once hitched? Can either of them stick to the terms?

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About the Author
Nell Grey

Bestselling Amazon Author of Romances and Romantic Thrillers