The Unexpected Occurrence of Thaddeus Hobble

The Unexpected Occurrence of Thaddeus Hobble

Genres: Crime, Thriller
ASIN: 1784622346

t's 1596 and The Great Collective - a secret society of self-styled geniuses - are granted untold powers by a mysterious entity called The Space. With this comes immortality, but at an untold cost...

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About the Book

Peter Smith can only live to thirty-six, constantly dying and re-living his short life throughout history as his memories dilute. Wishing to do good with his new skills, he tries to solve the gruesome murder of Thaddeus Hobble’s wife. But he comes up against stiff opposition from his fellow men and soon finds himself questioning his own morals and motives. As the collective witness – and soon perpetrate – the worst horrors imaginable, what deadliness will their pain and hate brew into? Peter dreams of a distant future where he will grow old and die with the woman he loves, but first he must try to remember from one life to the next, no matter how painful it is. In 1738 The Space shows him the actions of the 20th century’s most evil man – as his lives trundle on, can Peter recall what he knows in time to stop the killing of millions..?

About the Author
Gareth Wiles

A Sci-Fi and Crime writer