The Whytfield Inheritance

The Whytfield Inheritance

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Series: Whytfield, Book 1
Genres: Fiction, Mystery
ASIN: 173998420X

Welcome to the Whytfield Inheritance, the first in a series of tales based in the fictional town of Whytfield in deepest Shropshire.

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About the Book

Dave Adams, a widower, leaves Birmingham with his mother and son to start a new job, but the ‘golden opportunity’ described in Shropshire is far from the truth. The country estate is semi-derelict, Jenkins the butler is snooty, and Lord Lawrence Whytfield is vague. Peter, Dave’s son, thinks the place is a dump, but Dot, Dave’s mother looks on the bright side, and soon makes their broken-down cottage homely. When the local council impose a compulsory purchase order on the estate, the future looks bleak for them all. Has Gwyn Harrington, a newly-qualified solicitor, the experience to overturn this order? Dave and his family find out more than anyone bargained for in their quest to save Whytfield Hall.

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About the Author
SW Fellows

S W Fellows is a writer who enjoys writing about romance, comedy, murder and mystery-which can be a tricky combination!