The Whytfield Investigation

The Whytfield Investigation

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Series: Whytfield, Book 2
Genres: Fiction, Mystery
ASIN: 1739984218

In the second book ‘The Whytfield Investigation: The Policeman’s Story’ we meet Inspector Adam Stagg when an unidentified woman’s body is discovered.

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About the Book

It’s 1970, and we meet Inspector Stagg at the shocking discovery of a dead unidentified woman.

To make matters worse, there is a sudden spate of violent robberies around Whytfield town. Stagg’s boss, Burns, seems to watch his every move, and Stagg is reluctant t accept help from the chief constable’s nephew, Wilkins.

When attractive policewoman Pamela Hudson goes missing, Stagg is at his wit’s end.

Will Wilkins be more of a hindrance than a help, and who is the dead woman?

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About the Author
SW Fellows

S W Fellows is a writer who enjoys writing about romance, comedy, murder and mystery-which can be a tricky combination!