Tormented – An Anthology of Borderline Personality Disorder

Tormented – An Anthology of Borderline Personality Disorder

Genre: Non-Fiction
ASIN: 1838054650

This is the second book in a series of anthologies about mental ill-health. It has been the hardest and most personal to write.

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About the Book

I have now mostly healed from having BPD. I still have the symptoms but they are milder and much easier to manage. I also have collected a range of self-care strategies along the way. If this anthology reaches one person with BPD who feels like there’s no hope I would want them to know that it does get better. There is hope.

This book comes with a trigger warning for self-harm, and eating disorder.

“BPD is perhaps still one of the most challenging of diagnosis’s as emotional instability, disturbed patterns of thinking mean that maintaining long-term meaningful relationships can be difficult yet also a necessity in supporting the individual with BPD. The sheer fortitude of will is evident within Sarah’s book and she provides an honest and insightful glimpse into the world of a ‘wounded healer’.”

Dr. Richard Mottershead PhD, MSc, BN (Hons), RNMH, BSc (Hons), PGCPD, FHEA, FRSPH, FRSA, RNT. Asst. Professor of Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing – Deputy Director of International Relations and Research.

About the Author
Dr Sarah Mackay

My name is Sarah and I have bipolar with psychosis. Once upon a time I was a nurse, after earning a first-class nursing degree and graduating top of my class. I went on to receive a scholarship to study autism at doctoral level. I’ve been in and out of hospital my whole adult life, plagued by The Family. The Family is a group of people that live in an alternate universe. In a place full of demons. I hear them talking to me and talking between themselves.