Transplants and Fears

Transplants and Fears

Genre: Non-Fiction
ASIN: 1803814535

A courageous story gives readers a insight into experiences which are otherwise unfamiliar. It's an energetic and honest account of lived with the impact of kidney disease.

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About the Book

Transplant and Fears is the emotional roller coaster ride of a baby boy born 23 weeks prematurely fighting everyday against his own body against the grueling challenges that living with any chronic condition can bring, during Chris’s life he has unfortunately had to under go 4 kidney transplants by the the time he was 23 while battling family, relationship and social issues as-well as as coping with issues of mental health. This story also shows the struggle on a young mother thrown into a world of not knowing what would be best for her newborn baby and always questioning her choices.

About the Author
Christopher Simpson

Chris was born on the 1986. He spent his childhood in and out of hospital while undergoing 4 kidney transplants by the time he was 23. Chris spends his time advocating for kidney patients as an ambassador for Kidney Wales.