Two Brians: A Diary

Two Brians: A Diary

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Genre: Fiction

After the accident, drugs rep Brian Hingle changed from being a smug, self-centered serial adulterer to a mild-mannered busybody and serial hobbyist. Only his pregnant ex can help him put the pieces together and help him rediscover who he used to be. But will she really want to, when she learns who he is, now?

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About the Book

ABOUT THE TWO BRIANS. Brian Hingle used to be a proper ladies man, young handsome, fairly successful and a serial adulterer. His wife liked him then. Then something happened to him when he crashed his car. His personality completely changed. Now he is a doddering, befuddled serial hobbyist and 00 gauge model train enthusiast. But soon his dodgy past starts to catch up with him, like pregnant women and gang land bosses who want their drugs back.Suddenly being dull and boring has never been so dangerous.Previously released under the title ‘A Diary of Two Brians’.

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About the Author
Philip Gilliver

Philip Gilliver lives in Wrexham in North Wales with his wife Melanie, his son Robin, four cats and a dog. He has a 2:1 degree in Literature and Media. During the day he works at a college as a classroom support worker. At night he likes to play his electric bass guitar in a rock band.