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Series: Foundation of the Dragon Series, Book 2
Genre: Historical Fiction
Tag: Moved from Wrexham

A seasoned former general with a reputation to make emperors afraid, finds himself haunted by the threat of assassination. Unexpectedly, he is entrusted with the command of three legions stationed in the distant province of Britannia, a post that seems far removed from the treacherous politics of Rome.

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About the Book

To win the ultimate prize he has to take the ultimate risk. Now the fate of the empire lies in the hands of just one man…

AD 380. Britannia.

Elen is trapped in a world where her sole value to her father rests on the identity of her future husband. A glimmer of hope comes from her enigmatic grandmother, who has other plans. If Elen is married to a powerful Roman, she can guide policy to better safeguard their vulnerable lands against the encroaching barbarian threat.

With ambitions beyond his station, Magnus concocts a scheme to ascend to the imperial throne, but Elen’s brother, incensed that she has stolen his inheritance, raises a barbarian army from the untamed wilderness north of the Wall to reclaim what he thinks is his.

Any step against the emperor is fraught with danger, but after a life in the army, Magnus sees a way to turn the disaster to his advantage.

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About the Author
Robb Pritchard

Originally from Coedpoeth, Robb now travels the globe writing about classic cars, although his passion is writing his Foundation of the Dragon Series which is set in North Wales.