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General information


Who are you?

I write under the name of P N Burrows. You can see more about me at

Why are you doing this?

Local authors can be hard to find, as we are not always great at shouting about our wares to the world. As an active member of the author scene and a committee member of Wrexham Carnival of Words I thought a directory of authors might help us get our names out there a little more.

How do I sell more books?

Gosh I wish I knew, attending events with a book stall is a good idea, having reviews helps and lots of luck. Please remember ‘Random House Publishing’ was so called, as even they realised the next big seller was random and unpredictable.

Are you a Wrexham based author? Do you wish to be added to this directory?

If you have an Amazon profile page, and you really should have one of these, we can gather your book information, your photo and download the covers from there. If not, please paste the link to your books in the message area.

This is a free site, there are no listing fees. Only authors in Wrexham county will be added, there must be a way to verify your location either on your social media or website.


General help regarding the site and our service.

Will I be charged?

No, this is a free site to help promote local authors.

Can I add links to other book retailers?

By default we will add links to your website if you have one and Amazon. If your books are not on Amazon we will link to one retailer of your choosing per book.

Do I still need a website if I am on Wrexham Authors?

Yes, You should have your own author website. All authors should have a website and not reply on social sites or sites like this. The reason for this is you do not own a social media profile, if you upset the social media platform they will delete your profile.

Can I use my own Amazon affiliate links?

Sorry, no. We do not charge you to add your books here, but to help pay for the hosting, domain name and time we will use our own affiliate links.

How do I add my latest book?

If you have a profile on Wrexham Authors already, just send us a message with the link to your new book.

How long does it take to get listed?

We will endeavour to add an author within a couple of days. But please be patient, this is a hobby site, not a business.

What does (†) mean?

A (†) is called an Obelus in printing, and is used as a reference mark to indicate that a person is deceased; it is also called dagger